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Mac Fundraiser

Join us at the Kickoff Fundraiser meet-and-greet to support the Campaign to Elect Holly McNamara for Selectman!

Ticket price includes a donation to the campaign as well as food, small plates and appetizers. We appreciate your support. This is a team effort!

Tickets are also available to those not able to purchase online. Please contact 508-901-9622 or selectman@hollymac.com to reserve. Checks payable to “Committee to Elect Holly McNamara” and mail to 78 Harrington Lane, Somerset, MA 02726. Please include your name, email and contact info.

We look forward to seeing you! Thank you for your support!

If you cannot attend, please consider donating online here: https://politics.raisethemoney.com/selectholly

or mailing a check, as noted above.

Thank you!



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  • I am at least eighteen years old.

Massachusetts Contribution Terms

Maximum contribution for individuals, PACs, and labor organizations is $1,000 per candidate per year. Maximum aggregate contribution limit is $12, 500 to all candidates. Registered lobbyists may only contribute up to $200 per candidate and PAC.

Corporations are prohibited from donating. State law requires that we collect and report name, address, occupation, and employer of each contributor. Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited by law. Donations are not deductible as charitable donations for federal or state income tax purposes.


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