“While Holly was a Design and Construction Project Manager representing Boston Medical Center, she had a relentless get-it-done attitude to protect the owner’s interests by holding everyone (including hospital staff) accountable to control costs, schedules and quality, while always maintaining a professional and inviting personality that encouraged teamwork to bring about success. I was born and raised in Somerset, aware of the difficult issues going on within the town, and have complete confidence that Holly McNamara is the person that Somerset needs for Selectman.”     
– Brendan R. Whalen, Director of Design and Construction, Boston Medical Center; Somerset native
“When I met Holly, she had acquired the daunting and seemingly impossible task of managing the build-out of our new Temporal Bone Training Center while coordinating the relocation of the existing lab in order to meet the instruction deadlines. When the Vice President of Design & Construction had told us that he “had someone” that could make it happen, we were very doubtful. Holly not only met the strict deadlines, but she also craftily used our funding and managed to deliver a product that completely surpassed all of our expectations. If you’re in pursuit of someone that can make the “impossible” possible, while saving money and delivering an exceptional product, Holly is the one.”
– Dr. Kenneth Grundfast, Chair, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Boston Medical Center
“The IT department at BMC collaborated with the Design & Construction department at Boston Medical Center, where Holly led several projects ranging from critical redesign initiatives to deployment of technologies as part of mission critical IT system upgrades. Holly’s communication and leadership skills, supplemented by the use of technology, consistently led to top-notch results. In addition to her regular responsibilities, Holly personally took the initiative to spearhead the implementation of a collaboration software to improve project management and efficiency in workflow. The speed and drive that she brought to the table pushed the approval process through all red tape with ease, unlike I have ever seen at the hospital. The software is currently utilized campus-wide and contributes to the success of the hospital. If you’re looking for efficiency, clarity, collaboration, leadership, and attentiveness, Holly is your choice.”
– Sumit Sehgal, former Chief Information Security Officer, Boston Medical Center
“I worked with Holly on some complex Healthcare construction projects in which my firm was the contractor. Holly had the demanding role of managing design, construction and the myriad of operational concerns for the hospital – from long term technical capability concerns to short term daily logistics planning. Holly always pulled it off without any collateral damage. Fair and thorough, present and upbeat, she is a creative, problem solver who keeps the big picture in focus and all the little things under control. She’s an asset to any organization and is at her best in the midst of complex situations. She will bring a positive sense of purpose to a town leadership role and has a knack for getting people to talk, listen and work with her.”
– Randy Catlin, Project Executive, Shawmut Design and Construction
“During a very busy time at BMC in Spring 2013, I met Holly.  After meeting her I was impressed by her skills and motivation.  She joined the Design and Construction team here at BMC and was off to a running start.  She repeatedly saved money with each project and finished them either on time or ahead of schedule.  Her personality and capabilities allowed for the jobs to run smoothly and efficiently.  In our conversations I was impressed by the questions she asked and her ability to get answers.  When speaking with other departments, I was told many times how well she worked with others and was ahead of the game.  She will always give 100% to achieve her goals.”
– Bob Biggio, Vice President, Facilities & Support Services, Boston Medical Center


“Holly McNamara is an exceptional professional with a tireless work ethic and an ability to remain positive in difficult situations.  She worked for my company as a Project Manager on a large energy & water conservation initiative for our BioTech client.  This project eventually won an Energy Showcase Award for its breadth of technology measures and for its’ significant savings in water, electricity, and natural gas.  The project involved multiple trades and coordinating with facilities staff and laboratory managers, which is a very difficult combination.  Some of the additional benefits of the project included removing hazardous chemicals from the water treatment systems.  Holly was able to keep the project on-time and even finished under budget.  She kept everyone moving forward and working together continually through the process, which was not an easy task.
It makes complete sense to me that Holly is now using her skills to pursue a career as Selectman.  She is one of those incredible individuals with seemingly limitless energy and a positive attitude the affects everyone around her in a positive fashion.  I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have fighting for my home town.  Somerset would be truly blessed to have Holly as it’s Selectman.”
– Douglas J d’Heilly, President, GalexC Consulting
Video from the award presentation:


“I met Holly on her first day managing the pre-construction design, and construction of the privately-funded San Diego Jewish Academy gymnasium and tennis courts. This multi-million dollar project comprised of many moving parts, including environmental constraints, municipal hurdles, and strict schedule requirements for the hosting of the 1,500-player Maccabi Games. I witnessed Holly face adversity with grace and diligence. She was always available when we needed her, and quickly earned the trust of the staff and faculty as well as the Board of Trustees. She not only has the budget-management skills, but also the leadership skills necessary to any project, whether it be private, public or municipal. We enjoyed working with her so much that we tried recruiting her to teach! I once told her that she is the most honest person I’ve ever met. Holly has an ability to keep everyone honest.”
– Larry Acheatel, former Executive Director of the San Diego Jewish Academy


“I have been blessed to know Holly McNamara’s family for over 50 years – especially her grandmother Cecile and father Donald, two of Somerset’s noted, dedicated, caring teachers. Being nurtured in this civic-minded family, I understand Holly’s commitment, inspiration, and passion in sharing her talents and business experience with the citizens of Somerset. Ivy League educated with a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering coupled with her varied business management experience with national companies, tech savvy Holly has the vision and experience to serve our strategically located town.
Somerset is a great place for all families, young and old. We have a great school system and many benefits, services, and activities for the elderly. As we know, however, we have to expand our tax base. Holly has the business acumen, necessary skills, ideas, experience, creativity, fresh eyes and energy to serve Somerset well.
Please consider Holly on May 9th for Selectman.”
Pierrette Lemaire-Sullivan
Article here:
“A true daughter of Somerset”

To the Editor:

I read with interest the Letter to the Editor from former Selectman Eleanor Gagnon (The Spectator, April 27). “We are at the point in Somerset where so much of our aged infrastructure needs upgrading. We have depleted tax revenues, very little new growth and the stabilization fund is dwindling,” she wrote.

Mrs. Gagnon’s assessment is correct, and while I appreciate her loyalty to a business client of 20 years in her endorsement, there is another candidate for selectman that is eminently qualified to tackle these issues. Holly McNamara is a graduate of Cornell University, holds a master’s degree in structural engineering and is a registered civil engineer. She has 15 years of experience in designing multi-million dollar projects in infrastructure for education, healthcare and residential properties. She is fluent in the latest technology and has the background to assess and solve these issues in the most cost-efficient manner.

Holly McNamara is a true “daughter of Somerset,” who ran and organized the very successful “Raiders Remembered” event, which brought back, and brought together, Blue Raiders from all generations to celebrate our shared heritage with the old high school building, while also raising funds for scholarships to benefit future generations.

Holly McNamara has run a positive, agenda-free campaign that features clear communication and promotes collaboration. As a selectman, she will listen to voters and maintain open lines of communication while creating a cohesive plan that will help to continue to make our community a great place to live.

Please vote on May 9 and consider Holly McNamara for Somerset Selectman.



“I’m no longer a resident of Somerset, but feel compelled to write about Holly McNamara since the town’s future is a lifelong concern of mine as I was fortunate to grow up there. I first met Holly when I was on a committee where she served as chair of Raiders Remember. Her passionate devotion to Somerset repeatedly was made evident through her outstanding work for this event. With a background in engineering, this Somerset native demonstrated the ability to make concept become reality. This valued strength along with her people skills make her a person I admire greatly. Now she is a candidate for selectman.  Her skill set is unprecedented; she’s brilliant, organized, has common sense, and most importantly, has a heart full of love for Somerset. Her credentials and family background are exceptional, and have been exhibited clearly in all her accomplishments. Somerset would be honored to have Holly’s work ethic, dynamic energy, vibrant personality, and fresh ideas to go forward. She won’t disapppoint you. Somerset voters should #SelectHolly, candidate extraordinaire!”
– Andrea DiGiammo Musone
I met Holly McNamara upon joining the Raiders Remember Committee.  Holly was the overall chairperson for this daunting task.  It began with much nay-saying from different community factions.  Immediately, it was made very clear that Holly would be the right person to make the event a smashing success.  Most of us were so impressed with her enthusiasm, love for Somerset, never give up attitude, foresight, diligence, intelligence, problem-solving skills, background, education, and creativity.  As we all know now, she achieved all goals beyond any expectations! All of these traits, coupled with endless determination make Holly the perfect candidate for Selectman.  Somerset is at a crossroad right now and desperately needs someone with a vision to bring back life to our town and someone with the experience and capabilities of making it a reality. We cannot accept the status quo!  Holly has the education, background, personality, dedication and vision to make good things happen!  She also has the ability to handle the financial crisis we are headed for.  Everyone need to make their vote count with a vote for Holly.”
– Marion DiGiammo, Somerset resident


“I have had the priveledge of managing Holly when she worked at my company. She was one of my first employees and singlehandedly led one of our most successful projects to-date. Whatever the project / job / career, Holly will put her whole heart into it. Her problem solving abilities are outstanding and her ability to network with people is unparalleled. You will find Holly a joy to work with and the results will meet the highest level of customer satisfaction.”
– Jody Watkins, President, Watkins Landmark Construction


“Being responsible for raising the funds and supervising the building of a new 42 acre campus for the San Diego Jewish Academy, my wife Ann and I were always very selective and paid close attention to who we hired to build our dream. Holly was the project manager and lead for the construction of our multi-purpose gymnasium building and tennis courts for our K-12 private school. She is one of the most attentive, responsive and thorough people we have ever had work for us. She was always extremely cognizant of the fact that each and every dollar of the $9M that went into the project was privately donated, and was sure to communicate and verify that it was always well-spent. Personable, smart, hardworking and honest, Holly was a pleasure to work with.”
– Richard Jaffe, Campaign chair SDJA Jaffe campus; Co-owner of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns; Founder and CEO Safeskin Corp; author and philanthropist